Choosing a CBSE School for Your Child | What Must You Consider?

No matter what race or status we have, we only want one thing when we become parents. We want to give the best for our children. That is the very reason why we work day and night. So, we could provide them with an excellent education. We all know that this could become their treasure. A thing that others cannot take away from them even after years have passed. That is why we take things seriously. More so, when choosing which CBSE school in Singapore is bestfor our children.

We want to make a choice that is right for them. That way, they could have a better future against their peers. After all, what they learned is something they could use in life and their career.  So, how would you know which one you should choose? Let us find out the things you need to consider.

What Must You Consider While Choosing a CBSE School for Your Child in Singapore?

Understand the Needs of Your Child

Since this will be the starting point for your child, you must consider their likes and dislikes. Knowing these would help you determine if they could have fun and enjoy their life studying at a CBSE school. So, try to understand their personality and see how they behave. Once you got the answer, you would know if you should enrol them at a single-gender school or CO-ED CBSE institution.

Determine the distance from home

As parents, we do not want our child to get tired. That is ideally the reason why we prefer enrolling them somewhere not so far away from home. That way, they would have more time to rest and do their homework. So, make sure when searching for CBSE schools in Singapore, use Google Map to see how long it would take to go there from your home.

Check the Transportation Facility

While you are doing that, do not forget to check how accessible it is. See if your child could walk or cycle from there to your home. If they cannot do so, inspect if they could take public transport or if the institution provides school busses for their students.

Know the Teaching Method

Before you finalise your choice, make sure you know how the teachers teach their students. What method do they use? Are they using traditional classroom learning? Or do they infuse technology into the process of their teaching? Nevertheless, whatever they use would have an impact on your child.

Quality of Teachers

Aside from their teaching method, you also need to know how knowledgeable and experienced the teachers are. So, make sure to ask the CBSE school where their teachers graduated and how long have they been teaching. If they could provide you with this information, you can weigh if they can teach your child.

Check the Extracurricular Activities

Of course, aside from textbook knowledge, your child also needs to have an experience. That is what extracurricular activities can do.  With this, your child could apply what they have learnt in class. As a result, they could come up with a solution on how to solve real-life problems. So, make sure their extracurricular activities harmonise to their CBSE curriculum.

Mind the School Safety Protocols

Definitely! All parents want to keep their children safe and sound. To do that, the CBSE school should have all the security measures. Aside from hiring guards on all exits, there should be CCTVs in all corners of the school, and limited IDs for the people would fetch students from their grounds. They should also have rules and regulations that students should follow at all times.

Think About the Class Size

The number of students in a class can also affect the learnings of your child. So, make sure the institution divides the group with the smallest number of students. That way,  teachers could provide equal and equity attention to all the students. As a result, no one would be left behind. Preferably, the smaller the number of students, the better and more comfortable they would learn.

How Much It Costs

Naturally, an excellent education comes with a price. It is just like most things we could process on earth. We must pay to obtain something. That is why, if you prefer to enrol your child at an international school, expect to pay more than a regular institution. Also, fret not, since CBSE schools offer an affordable curriculum that most parents could afford.

Visit the School

You have to since to see is to believe. You need to see with your eyes if the institution is indeed right for your child. So, try to make time and visit the CBSE school. Also, make sure your child is with you so you would know what they can say. Remember, their opinions matter, too.

With the things to consider under your sleeve, you can choose the right CBSE school for your child. It would be an institution that can be their source of strength for the rest of their lives.

A Final Word of Advice

Lastly, take your time. Make sure to choose wisely on whichCBSE school in Singapore is bestfor your child. Remember, your choice would have an impact on what their future. So, think thoroughly and consider these factors.

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