Data science course in Hyderabad: What is its need?

Data, as we know, is all around us. It constitutes statistics and facts which are collectively used for reference or analysis. In recent times, the growth of the internet and smartphone technology has led to an increase in digital data creation. Anything that includes audio or video information, text, financial logs or web activity records can be constituted under data.

The need for Data science

In the olden days, data was very simple, structured and small in size. However, with recent technological developments in all spheres of science, data has become highly unstructured and huge in size. The units to measure data continue to grow in value as the amount of stored data and information continues to grow at a rapid rate.

For instance, if you ever wondered how Netflix knows what kind of shows you like, it is because they have data-based algorithms which are used to make relevant recommendations based on a user’s history.

The benefits of Data science training in Hyderabad are not limited to just streaming services like Netflix or YouTube. Sales and Marketing departments, Banking institutions, Shipment companies like FedEx use data science to connect the dots between the business and the data world. The result of a data-driven approach is an increase in efficiency, productivity and profitability of a company.

Machine learning and Analytics

The terms are mentioned because they are closely related to the field of data science.

Machine learning basically refers to a broad spectrum of methods that revolve around data modeling by using algorithms to make predictions and decipher patterns in the given data.

Meanwhile, analytics simply means “the science of analytics”, or the practice of analyzing information to make decisions.

So, the question arises, is “analytics” the same as data science?

The major difference between these two fields is that a “data analyst” looks at data to gain meaningful insights and has other responsibilities like marketing analytics, campaign management, equity research etc.

The job of a data scientist, however, is a different ball game. To explain the work of a data scientist, one has to delve further than data exploration and administration.

Who is a data Scientist?

Now that we know what data science is, one might wonder about the skills required to get such a job.

Jim Gray, a highly acclaimed Turing award winner described data science as the 4th Paradigm of science.The reason for such claims is that many scientists and professionals realized that we need advanced and complex analytical tools and algorithms to process and analyze huge amounts of data.

In the past decade or so, data scientists have become the backbone of a company and can be found in every organization. These professionals are data-driven individuals who must possess high-level technical skills, a combination of analytic, data mining and statistical skills. In addition, soft skills like communication and leadership are required to deliver results to interested stakeholders of a business.

Final Word

A company looking to enhance their business model needs to follow a data-driven approach. Data science assignments provide tremendous ROIs through data insight and development of data product.

However, hiring people with such skill sets is not as easy. There are simply not enough data scientists in the market to meet the demand

A recent survey by Forbes shows a 28% increase in demand by 2020 of data scientists, making it the most coveted job in the United States of America.

So, if you manage to hire one, you must make sure to keep them engaged and grant them enough autonomy to solve problems and analytical challenges which you might not even realize existed!

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