Delicious Street Food to Enjoy on Tokyo Tour

Today, street food is staple diet because prices are reasonable and you don’t wish to spend time getting a table at the restaurant, especially when you are on vacation. If you are going on a Tokyo trip for leisure or business then you may be thinking about eating sushi but there is plethora of street food in Tokyo, which you can try.

Join Food Tour Tokyo program and the guide will navigate you through food paradise. The guide plans to offer inside scoop about the best street food options. 


It is Japanese omelet, served on stick. It is different than your regular omelet because it is fluffy, tasty and sweet. Several seasoned egg layers are rolled and grilled by green mountain grills vs traeger.


Golf-sized wheat flour balls are made and inside fillings include pickled ginger, green onions, and octopus pieces. On top a takoyaki sauce is slathered in plenty. 


These are adorable and delicious doll-cakes. The cakes are tiny but filled with red bean paste or custard or chocolate. You will see variety of shapes like pagodas or lanterns.


It is a fluffy and soft sponge cake having a filling of sweetened red bean paste or matcha cream or fresh fruit or chestnuts or custard. A perfect grab-n-go snack!

Beef manchikatsu

Beef balls are fried deeply offering crunchy bite. You can get hooked with the tender and juicy meat as you bite in.

Mitarashi dango

Little rice flour dumplings grilled over charcoal are inserted on bamboo skewers and then coated with gooey and sweet soy sauce glaze. 


Anpan is more than century year old Japanese pastry. It is soft and sweet roll including seasonal fillings.

Matcha gelato softie

The whole world has got caught in matcha craze. Matcha gelato softie is made from powdered green tea. It is great for health as well as very delicious. 

Apple custard pie

This American classic tiny hot cake is sizzling! The crust is baked first to get the scrumptious crunch then tart apple and custard cream is filled. 


Vegetable or seafood tempura is deep fried in very thin batter coat. It is crispy, flavorful and light.


Shave ice in a bowl, which is fluffy and soft resembling fresh snow. On top flavored syrup is poured. You can even pour condensed milk and top it with your preferred toppings. A perfect summer treats indeed!