Keeping In Touch With Your Hand Specialist: 4 Tips For Patients


Experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome in Singapore is not an easy feat for most patients. Aside from the episodes of pain and discomfort, they need to adopt healthy habits that help them recover from this condition. Another is keeping in touch with their trusted hand specialist because they are professionals who are there to help patients. If you are in the same situation, explore these helpful tips you should know:

  1. Your hand specialist in Singapore has preferred communication channels, such as a mobile number for 24/7 concerns, an email address for messages and other matters, and sometimes a social media page for customer service concerns. Taking note of these things is the first step to keeping in touch and building a professional relationship with them.
  1. Be respectful and courteous towards them. First, if the situation is not urgent or the case of thumb arthritisis mild, be ready to wait for the earliest possible appointment or the appropriate time for the clinic to reach you. The second rule is to respect personal time, which means avoiding contacting them outside work hours unless it is a matter of life and death. Lastly, know the difference between 24/7 numbers and those only for office hours.
  1. You are not always in the clinic after your wrist pain treatment in Singapore, for example, because you are recovering from home. However, provide them with relevant updates about your health and if there is anything that needs medical attention.
  1. Know the appropriate time to contact them if you are suffering from a case of TFCC injury in Singapore. Reach them via their 24/7 emergency hotline to arrange an appointment at the clinic. Waiting for a few minutes or hours brings more harm than good.

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