Understanding Catastrophes: Everything About An ACL Injury In Singapore  

Unfortunately, catastrophes are inevitable. When you trip and fall, encounter a road collision, or suffer a sudden accident, the most common reaction of most people is to either laugh about the embarrassing incident or casually brush it all off. Sometimes, people tend to make a clever comment or share a pun to hide their bruised egos but silently promise to be more alert. After all, the last thing people usually would want to do is not to add another embarrassment to what just happened and make a big deal of their carelessness. While there are high chances of taking this situation as a joke, you should also know that there are extreme risks of injuries, such as a shoulder rotator cuff tear, fractures, meniscus tear in Singapore, and the like.

While you may feel okay or all good immediately after tripping, falling, or hitting any part of your body, you cannot be sure that everything else is indeed well unless you seek a doctor. When it comes to these things, it will always be a good idea to steer clear on the side of caution. Whether it is as mild as a frozen shoulder in Singapore, as severe as dislocation, and the like, consulting a healthcare professional or physician is always the safest bet.

One of the most common accidents people suffer from is an ACL injury in Singapore. This injury type is a sprain or tears on the anterior cruciate ligament, one of the most substantial tissues linking your thigh bone to your shinbone. If you are one of the many people who are a big fan of sports, you might want to get more informed about ACL. In addition, if your sport involves a lot of repetitive movements, sudden changes in direction, sudden stops, jumping, or intense landings, such as football, skiing, basketball, or soccer, it is time to seek regular consultations with a physician.

Here is everything you need to know about ACL injury to prevent the chances of ACL surgery in Singapore.



According to surveys, many people who suffered an ACL injury in Singapore hear a popping sound, or worse, feel a popping sensation in one of their knees. Your knee will start to swell once it happens. Apart from swelling, you may also have an unstable stance or posture and feel extreme pain due to unbearable weight.

Some typical warning signs to watch out for in an ACL injury in Singapore include the following:

  • An extreme loud pop that mainly occurs when you move your knee
  • A popping sensation in the knee
  • Rapid swelling
  • The sudden inability to do any movement or continue activity
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Persistent issues with mobility
  • Severe pain, especially in the knee area
  • A feeling of instability with weight bearing


Like any other instance or emergency, the first action plan is to call for help. When you suffer from an ACL injury in Singapore, it is CRITICAL to seek immediate medical attention and care if you encounter any hurt, damage, or wound to your knee. Watch out for the warning signs or symptoms of an ACL injury. If it happens, you may call for assistance through these medical experts:

  • Your doctor
  • A sports medicine clinic
  • Physiotherapist
  • Hospital emergency department
  • During emergency situations, always call 995 for an ambulance


Ligaments are one of the known most muscular tissue bands connecting one bone to the other bone. When you encounter an ACL injury in Singapore, one of the two ligaments linking your bones gets torn, particularly the one in the middle of the knee that links your thighbone to your shinbone.

Generally, people who encounter an ACL injury in Singaporeare those fond of sports or athletes. It often happens during a physical fitness activity or sports that adds extra stress and pressure on your knee. Some causes of ACL injuries are as follows:

  • Sudden stops during any physical activity or sports
  • Receiving a direct, intense blow to the injured knee
  • Sudden changing of direction or slowing down
  • Pivoting with your foot firmly planted
  • Bad landing from a jump



Luckily, the number of medical devices, apparatuses, professionals, and expertise is growing each and every year. With this said, the treatment options for an ACL injury in Singaporeare now becoming more available to anyone. If you happen to come across this injury type, here are some treatment options:


Physical care is one good way to treat your ACL injury in Singapore. You may want to consider performing an aerobic activity for at least 20 to 30 minutes five days a week. Exercising can help improve your cardiovascular health. More so, it helps treat the injured muscle group. Another way is prompt first-aid care, which can also help alleviate the pain brought by the hurt and swelling immediately after the harm occurs to your knee. Lastly, give yourself some time to rest once you encounter any injury. A lengthy period of healing time is necessary, so try to limit doing physical activities or bearing extra weight on your knee.


Most people who suffer anACL injury in Singapore know that elastic bandages are the secret to a speedy recovery. Stretchy bandages are best for providing an extra layer of support and compression during the healing time, whether sprains, strains, or injuries. All you need to do is wrap it around your injured body part.


Some medical treatment options for an ACL injury in Singapore can also be in other forms, such as rehabilitation. These two usually begin after getting diagnosed. It takes at least several weeks to complete rehabilitative therapy. Your physical therapist or physiotherapist can help guide and teach you the most appropriate exercises you will need to perform for your ligament injury.


The last resort for an ACL injury in Singapore is surgery. Your physiotherapist may recommend surgery if being an athlete is your way of living and wants to continue in your sport. Surgery may also be the best option if more than one ligament gets injured. If your injury is hindering you from performing your everyday activities, surgery is also the safest bet.


In general, the healing period of any accident can take as long as a year or more before athletes, players, or regular individuals can safely return to play. Likewise, when you suffer from an ACL injury in Singapore, your doctor and physiotherapy physical therapists will perform different tests to diagnose your condition and gauge your knee stability, strength, function and readiness. These assessments can help determine if you are ready to return to sports activities at various intervals after and even during your rehabilitation. Be sure to seek consultations with healthcare professionals before you return to get back on track.

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