What Can You Expect from Coding Courses in Singapore?

As a parent, it is natural for you to spend hours thinking about your child, especially about their future.  Some of you may be questioning what you could do to guarantee they will have a bright future ahead of them? Or does the future you want for your child is the same future they want to become? These are valid questions, and you have nothing to be ashamed of since you only want what is best for your child.

With their future in mind, it is inevitable for you not to think about different career paths they might be interested in doing. Since you thought of this matter many times, you probably have guessed registering them in coding classes would help them a lot more in their future.

Seeing your child is fond of playing computer games might have convinced you more to let them learn how to code as early as now. However, imaging your child engaging in coding classes at a young age might be difficult for you.

Well, to rest assured about your decision, you can read the rest of this article. Here, you will learn about what you can expect from coding classes in Singapore once you enrol your child there.

What-Are-the-Benefits-of-Taking-Coding-ClassesWhat Are the Benefits of Taking Coding Classes?

For years, there has always been a belief about coding as something that only brilliant minds and adults would understand.  However, that is no longer the case. Coding classes for kids confirm that even children could learn the language of coding and execute them.

Let us take a look at the influence that coding has to offer, especially for children.


Teaches How to Think

In 1995, Steve Jobs once said, “Everyone should learn how to programme a computer because it teaches you how to think.” That means learning how to code would not only give you technical skills. It also offers you a new way to approach problems.

Once your child attends coding classes, they will find themselves thinking out of the box. They will be able to think differently and find a way to resolve the matter. After all, a single mistake in coding can mess up everything. That is why programmers tend to pay attention more to details. It will be the same for your child as time passes.

Learn How to Collaborate with Others

Whether it is a game or an application, a single person alone cannot make one. It takes a team of more than five people to produce one that indeed works.

Thus, the ability to work as a team would teach your child how to collaborate their ideas with others, vice versa. As a result, teamwork could improve the way they think about the problem and look for a solution.

More Freedom to Build a Career

As you already know, coding does not only work in the tech industry but also for others. That is why once your child learns how to code from coding classes and further improves their skills, they would be able to work anywhere. Plus, they would not have a hard time finding a job they might like.

Leave Impact on the Tech Industry

In the past 20 years, many things have changed. The tech industry has grown tremendously, and probably more in years to come. Therefore, if your child learns how to code now, there is a chance they might be at the forefront in the tech industry when they grow up.

More Opportunities to Make Money

Indeed! If you look at the salary programmers receive per month, the estimated amount would be around S$3,584. Just imagine how much it would become after five to ten years from now. What you have in mind might be the salary your child would receive once they started working. It could become higher than once they gain more experience.

Bring Ideas to Life

As you already know, children have more out of this world imaginations than adults. However, not all of their ideas could come to life since they are still young and lack resources. But through coding, there is a chance for their ideas to come to life.

Your child would have the chance to experience all of these benefits once they started learning how to code in coding classes. Therefore, give them a chance and enrol them now. Do not let your worrisome take away their opportunity to help them have a bright future in this field.

What-Happens-During-Coding-ClassesWhat Happens During Coding Classes?

While many coding tuition centres offer a robotic course in Singapore, it would be hard for you to check all of them out and know which one is better. To save you from that struggle, you have to find out what awaits your child there.

If you have already found a coding tuition centre where you could enrol your child, here are the things that could happen before, during, and after they attend the coding classes.

Before-Coding-ClassesBefore Coding Classes

●    Choosing Tailored a Curriculum Roadmap

Not all children are the same since they have different learning abilities that depend on their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, If your child is a visual learner, attending a robotic course might suit them better. Your child might be able to learn it faster than other coding classes.

Therefore, make sure you choose the right tailored curriculum roadmap for your child when registering them in the coding tuition centre.

●    Certified Instructors

Of course, no coding tuition centres would be complete without trained instructors. They would be the ones who would pass on the coding knowledge to your child. That is why if they are not certified, there is a chance your child would not be able to learn anything from them.

Ensure the coding tuition centre where you will be registering your child only hires certified coding instructors. Well, if you can, consider asking for their diploma and certificates to prove that they are indeed qualified.

During Coding Classes

●    Innovative Practices

As mentioned above, coding is the future. That is why coding instructors often think of innovative practices. It helps so students would not get bored learning how to code. One of the activities your child might experience in their coding classes is comparing codes with other’s work. Through their method, they would be able to improve their flaws and collaborate with others.

After Coding Classes

●    Homeworks & Projects

Most often than not, coding instructors give out assignments to their students. They do such things so students could code by themselves at home and practice what they have learned.

Sometimes, they assign group projects to students so they would know how to collaborate ideas with others and make them come to life. If they succeed, they will encourage them to participate in a coding competition to prove their coding to others.

At this point, you now have an idea of what your child would experience if they learn how to code from coding courses in Singapore. Use the knowledge you have learned and slowly let your child know what will happen to them once they join the coding classes.

How-to-Learn-Coding-FasterHow to Learn Coding Faster?

Whether you are still looking for a coding tuition centre or already enrol your child in one, it is your responsibility to guide them. As their parents, your words would help them learn how to code faster. As such, they will become more inspired to do better not only in their coding classes but also in future career paths.

Here are some pointers you could advise your child so they could learn how to code faster.

7-Tips-for-Learning-How-to-Code-FasterRead Books

Learning new things starts with reading. It may seem old school in the modern world of coding, but it works. Through reading books, your child would gain much knowledge about how coding works in different languages such as HTTP, CSS, Java, PHP, etc.

Additionally, books have more credible information than online resources since experts review them before getting published. Therefore, consider buying your child some coding books and encouraging them to read them.

Teach Others

While this may seem a strange thing to do, teaching others would help hone the knowledge of your child. It polishes the lessons they have learned from their coding classes. As a result, they would be able to use it as if it is innate in them.

Play Games

Do you still remember when you were young, you used to play spelling or typing games? Then you should know that those games exist to help children learn and overcome complex concepts.

The same goes for playing coding games. Your child would be able to learn to code faster through the simplest form of coding. Also, since they are having fun playing, the information they got stays in their mind.

Explore Someone Else’s Code

In coding classes, instructors let children compare their works with others. Through this method, your child would be able to find out what flaws they need to improve. They would also know what others think about their work, vice versa.

That is why encourage your child to explore the coding of others and let others explore theirs. Otherwise, it would be hard for them to identify their flaws.

Focus on One Language

As mentioned above, there are many coding languages. If your child learns all of them at once, it would be hard for them. Plus, a jack of all trades is a master of none. That means your child might know how to code, but the depth of knowledge they have is lacking.

Of course, you would not want that to happen. Therefore, motivate your child to learn one coding language at a time. They could study another one until they relatively feel comfortable with their first.

Take Breaks in Between

According to a study, taking breaks in between helps the brain retain information. If your child continues to learn how to code, their ability to focus will decrease. As a result, they might be able to recall the lessons they had in their coding classes, and it would be difficult for them to learn new things.

As their parents, you should convince your child to take a break for a while before studying again. It will help them focus and pay attention more to their coding lessons.

Ask Experts

Asking instructors would not only help your child understand the things that confuse them, but it will enlighten them to do their best. That is better than thinking about how to solve the problem alone. If your child does the latter, it might take forever before they could resolve the matter. That is why convince them to ask their instructors, even after their coding courses in Singapore.

Keep on reminding your child about these tips so they would not stray away from their goal. If you later find out they are having a hard time, let them know that learning how to code is not a race. It is a continuous process of learning. Anyway, to help you not forget what you should remind your child, consider bookmarking or take note of these tips.

Roboto-Coding-Academy-as-Your-Child-s-Go-To-Coding-Courses-TuitionRoboto Coding Academy as Your Child’s Go-To Coding Courses Tuition

Being able to probe situations and look for solutions are the skills anyone could develop by learning from coding classes. What may surprise you is that as early as six, a child could learn how to code and attend a robotic course in Singapore. With Robotic Coding Academy, your child could bring their ideas to life. They could debate and compete with other kids their age. Also, they would have a chance to showcase their creativity in coding competitions such as CodeFest and Hackathon.

If you want to learn more about coding classes or coding competitions for kids, go to their website. There, you would find out how much a month of coding classes is worth. If the cost entices you, let your child learn from one of their coding courses in Singapore!

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