What Prospective Careers Can Your Kid Get with Coding Skills?

Keeping up with the latest technology is a breeze for kids. They know how to navigate around laptops, tablets, and phones, unlike adults. As the people who have been alive when these gadgets emerged, kids do not experience the same struggles in using these innovative devices. Why? It is what they grew up with.

Today, many institutions make coding for children in Singapore accessible. The country is one of the remarkable technology hubs in Asia and the world, they will want the kids to continue their development. Your kid deserves to have a place in all of that.

In this article, you will learn about the prospective career opportunities for a highly skilled person who knows how to code. It will encourage you to enrol your kid in coding classes so that they have an edge. Let this article serve as a guide for everything you need to know about your kid’s career in the future!


Benefits of Learning How to Code in an Early Age

There are several reasons why your kid should learn coding. If you want to know the top reasons parents encourage their kids to participate in a coding competition in Singapore, here are the five benefits of learning code at an early age:


Express creativity

Coding is an enjoyable experience. It enables children to ignite their creativity by developing apps, mobile games, and websites. By having the power to code, a kid can use it as a creative outlet to express themselves. For instance, if they want to build a fantasy game with the characters they have imagined, they can create it using coding!

Improve problem-solving skills

Life is filled with problems, but there are always solutions that you can do. As early as now, your child should know how to solve complex problems. They do not have to experience it first-hand, but encountering them in a form like coding will help them figure out various approaches to solving a problem. A coding competition in Singapore is one of the experiences where they can improve their logic and computational skills!

They learn how to collaborate

No man is an island. People need each other to live, but not everyone knows how to work efficiently with other people. It takes a while to learn how to collaborate with other people. As early as your kid can, they should know how to develop their interpersonal skills. With coding classes, they will learn not only how to code, but also how to work with other people. It is a skill that they will find useful in the future.

Strengthen academic skills

Educational institutions recognise the importance of computational thinking and programming skills for the future. In this way, they also integrate courses that would nurture skills that would secure a bright future for the students. Therefore, when you enrol your son or daughter in a coding workshop for kids, they have an advantage in academic performance. It will assist them in excelling in their studies as well as paving a career towards a lucrative career.

Ensures a future

Following the last point, the future is filled with code. As the world moves on to the more advanced digital era, your kid will have a place in the middle of it. What a coding skill essentially promises is that your kid will have a future with it. Learning the fundamentals of coding at an early age will help them have a ground and leverage among other peers who would learn coding eventually at a late age.

Among these benefits, it is easy to recognise that a kid with knowledge in coding has a bright future ahead. One of them can be your kid. After a series of coding classes for children in Singapore, rest assured that your child will be in an industry where they are secured and content.


What are the Coding Careers Your Kid Can Take in the Future?

Coding skills, today, is an asset to everyone, especially if you want a career in the fastest growing industry—the tech industry. As the number of coding roles increases every year, there is a great possibility that a position in the industry is waiting for your child.

What are the careers that your kid can take when they choose the path of coding? Here are the top career paths that they can pursue:


Junior Developer

The junior developer role is at the forefront of most coder’s minds. It is a starting point if you want to establish skills in software design and coding. Their role is to learn the codebase, attend design meetings, master basic code, fix bugs, and assist their seniors in all design-related tasks.

Being an entry-level job, your kid can get this role with zero to three years of experience. It serves as a training ground for your child because this is where they will learn in-depth about what they learned in their days in the coding holiday program. As long as they have the skills and knowledge in basic coding languages, including C++, HTML 5, and JavaScript, they will have a promising career in this role!

With this role, your kid can earn an average of S$4,000 per month in Singapore! It is a promising starting salary for a kid who knows the fundamentals of coding.

Senior Developer

The next level for a junior developer is, of course, the senior developer. In this role, they will write more complex applications and they need to be well-experienced in every area of software. Other added responsibilities they have are user analysis, designing web frames for both UX and UI, and delegating tasks to junior developers.

Management skills are essential in this role since it is the primary step on the development ladder before taking in bigger responsibilities, such as Chief Technology Officer. With learning how to collaborate with other people in their days in coding classes for kids in Singapore, trust that your kid will be ready to take this role in the future. They might even find the duty to establish their own business with their commendable skills.

The average salary of a senior developer is S$7,000! This amount could still increase depending on the skills that your child will learn in their previous roles. Essentially, it is an offer that no one can refuse.

Mobile Application Developer

One of the most sought-after tech professionals today is the mobile application developer. The mobile industry is overflowing with opportunities for people who have a passion for creating applications for people to help them have a seamless experience. Every day there are thousands of mobile applications being uploaded to online app stores, such as on Apple devices and Android. Millions have downloaded different apps, and there is room for more!

Likened to developing websites and software, your child will have an advantage in mobile app development because of the knowledge they have acquired in the coding competition and program in Singapore. The industry needs the creativity and progressive ideas of young minds, and your kid is one of them!

Depending on the years of experience, the average salary for a mobile app developer with one to four years of experience is S$45,000. As long as your kid knows how to develop and test mobile apps’ software and code it, rest assured that they can get this role.

Computer Programmer

Since many people rely on many devices, computer programmers are responsible for analysing every users’ needs. With this information, the design, development, and test software can meet it. They will work with other designers and programmers to plan each piece of an application or software using a variety of coding languages, including Python, C++, and Java.

Feedback from clients is essential for programmers. It is where they based the integration of software components because what they do is essential for people. Thus, what your son or daughter has learned in their coding workshop for kids will be put to use. Understanding that they are in the service of people, they will strive to get an application or program working for them and their convenience.

The expertise of computer programmers allows them to accomplish several projects. With this alone, they can earn an average of S$3,700. As they gather more experience and years in the industry, a programmer can reach about S$52,000 a year. It is, indeed, a promising career path!

Data Scientist

When your kid has the skills for collecting, shaping, storing, managing and analysing data, this is the career for them. Today, data is an important resource for organisations. It is an integral part of every decision making process. Data scientists as a career can benefit any company because their skills can lead to profitability!

Your child will be helping the future generation because having the skills to find meaning in data and present it in a valuable way can create a healthy economy. In the service of helping people, a coding class for children in Singapore can contribute to the dreams of your son or daughter.

Did you know that it was a data scientist who tracked the spread of the Ebola virus outbreak? Your child might be the one to depict future public health problems as well. With an average earning of S$71,000, your kid will secure a future for themselves and their family.

Among these top career paths, you can only be sure of one thing. You kid will have a bright future. Thus, the money you will spend for a coding class for kids in Singapore will be worth it. However, it does not mean that you enrol them in the first school you saw. Instead, remain critical and choose the right coding school!


Top Tips in Searching for a Good Coding Program in Singapore

The career paths for an individual who knows how to code are remarkable. Not only will your kid have a place in the digital world, but they will also have a future where they are comfortable.

Now, the search for a good coding for children program in Singapore can determine their future. So, you must choose carefully. Here are some tips to find a good school for coders in the country:


Trust a family and friend’s recommendation

Do you have friends or relatives who are in the tech industry? If so, they might be able to recommend a good school where your child can learn coding. You can trust these suggestions because they might have learned coding in the same school!

What does your child want?

If your child is passionate about learning to code, they might already know a place where they want to get a coding workshop for kids. Be critical of the school they choose. Check its credentials and what students said about joining the school.

Find them in Google’s search results

Lastly, you can trust the results page of Google. Most likely, it will give you hundreds of website pages that have a list of various coding schools. Check them one by one to ensure that they are legitimate and they can offer what you want for your kid!


Enrolling Your Kid in Coding Workshops at Roboto Coding Academy

With the ability to be both creative and analytical, working in a variety of industries, and entering an exploding job market, there has never been a better time to pursue a dream of becoming a skilful coder. As early as now, allow your kid to be excited to learn about coding. Being in a class full of students with the same passion may spark a passion for coding within them.

At Roboto Coding Academy, they have personalised programmes designed to nurture a student’s coding skills. With their weekly classes, you kids can enjoy a day learning the language of computers and integrating those skills into their daily life. If you think that they would appreciate casual classes, they also offer a coding holiday program to keep them occupied and productive during vacation.

Do you want to give their classes a chance? Contact them on their website for their free trial today!