How To Choose The Best Denim Jeans In Singapore

Jeans are the most democratic and accessible item there is. But do you know which jeans are ideal for your body shape? Each model has a visual effect, and today I show you 4 models of jeans and their effects on the body.

What Models Of Jeans?

There are several models of jeans for women denim jeans, and many are derived from these models. The 4 most exciting models called the base are: straight jeans, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, flare jeans.

If there’s one outfit that everyone has in their closets, it’s jeans. Versatile, essential, and ideal for everyday use, the piece adapts to anybody and allows a series of looks. The best thing is that, among the available models, you can easily find the one that most values ​​your body and even disguises small defects.

Small Butt Jeans

The skinny and flare models are the ones with the most curves on the body. Also, if you want to increase your butt, it’s worth betting on pieces with more oversized pockets and details on the back for fashion Singapore online.

Butt Jeans

The models with a straight cut and more sober and darker washes are the ones that make the look more harmonious and proportional. The tip is to avoid low-slung models, which can end up showing too much when you sit down.

Thin Leg Jeans

For those with thinner legs, the boyfriend models or those with a clear wash are ideal if you want to give more volume to the area.

Thick Leg Jeans

Thick legs Darker and straighter pieces make the look more balanced and neutral. If you choose skinny jeans, the tip is to combine them with looser blouses to make the set more harmonious.

Short Jeans

Short or short-legged – The longer the hem of the pants, the longer the legs will appear. Therefore, the flare and straight models are good choices.

High Jeans

Tall or with long legs Models that can be used with the bar bent are ideal for improving the proportion between the torso and legs. In addition, those who have this type of body can abuse the low-slung pieces without fear – they lengthen the silhouette.

Hip Jeans

How to disguise the hip? The tip is to opt for models without details in the hip area and avoid very light washes. Models with a medium waist (which holds the fat) and a straight cut help reduce the hips.

wash jeans

The lighter or more irregular the wash, the more apparent the curves will be, and the legs gain volume. On the other hand, jeans with dark, smooth washes make the lower body look smaller.

Hem Jeans

Jeans hem the jeans should be as close to the floor as possible, but without dragging. Bars that are too short or too long can end up “deforming” the body.

See how to choose the ideal jeans.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans, for example, is one of the most loved by people. The skinny model is a tight-fitting model, material with lycra, and adapts to your body shape. In other words, it accentuates the curves, following the path of your body.

Straight Jeans

Another jeans model that gained strength, especially after the normcore fashion and the concept of comfortable looks, is straight jeans which can be found in best Singapore online clothes store. For me, it’s the most democratic model there is. This is because, as the name suggests, the cut is straight, not marking the body, just following the shape. It’s a pants model that looks good on all body types.

Flare Jeans

The jeans flare trousers are another powerful proposal to set up work looks. Flare pants are straight down to hip or knee height and are wide below the knee. It is the perfect model for those with a wide hip because the bar’s volume balances with the volume of the hip. It’s also interesting for short girls who want to look taller.

Boyfriend Jeans

The boyfriend jeans are the most different of all. It has the hawk of the pants bigger, giving the impression that you are wearing your boyfriend’s pants (as the name suggests). This model is great for essential style women who love to dress comfortably. The bottom of this pants model is straight and does not mark the body at all.