Your Guide on How to Order a Cake Online


It has been more than a year ago since the world began adjusting to COVID-19. Due to this health crisis, the way we live our lives has changed. It is now more complex than ever before. From what we have seen and experienced, purchasing what we need and want online seems like the wisest and safest choice to make.

That is why during the year, people celebrate the special occasion in their lives by ordering pastries and other desserts at an online cake shop in Singapore.

Through this method, they no longer have to go out and buy the sweets in person. Plus, they could greet anyone with a happy birthday or what the occasion is by sending a cake via delivery.

But despite how common the method of ordering a birthday cake delivery is in Singapore, there are still people who have not done it before. If you are one of those people, then reading the rest of this article will benefit you.

How to Order a Cake Online?


Everyone eats cakes for various reasons. Some want to indulge and satisfy their sweet cravings, while others want to celebrate their birthday with their favourite cake and share it with their family and friends.

Well, regardless of the reason you have, you should think about things carefully. Consider asking yourself, like am I sure with my plan? By the time you are certain, it would become much easier to order what you want at an online cake shop.


Besides the reason behind the celebration, you should also consider the person who will be celebrating. For example, if your cousin will be having his 21st birthday next month, you should give them a call and ask about their likes and dislikes. Doing so should help you choose the right birthday cake at an online store in Singapore.


Whether you are hosting the party or someone you are close with, you should know who the guests are. It helps you figure out which cakes to get that they would most likely enjoy. Also, you no longer have to worry if they are allergic to it since you already determine the details beforehand.


To guarantee that you and everyone else would enjoy the pastries you ordered at an online cake shop, choose the right flavour.

If there are too many people who attend and eat sweets, you should consider ordering a variety. Doing so should make the party more enjoyable since everyone can eat the desserts they like.


Apart from choosing the right flavour, the looks of the cake also matter. Make sure when you order, you should finalise the design according to the theme.

For example, if you plan to get a birthday cake at an online store in Singapore for your son, you should consider the colour and favourite cartoon character they admire. If it is Justice League, a fondant of superheroes could make their cake a lot special.


Before you check out your birthday cake delivery in Singapore, take note to read the terms and conditions. There, you would find what consequences are if you choose either one of their services. As such, you would be able to make the right choice and get the most out of your purchase.


These days, when you order things online for the first time, the shop may provide you with a discount. That is why when you notice the online cake shop is giving you some coupons, take it so you would be able to order more and pay less.

Just make sure to read the mechanics of the coupon before using them. Doing so should prevent you from getting the most out of it.


To further understand the online cake shop, you should know how their customer service is. The only way to find that out besides chatting with them is to do this.

Note that reading customer reviews allows you to grasp what happened and see how satisfied their previous customers are. That is why you should carelessly order and read the feedback of the cake you want to order. That helps you not to regret your decision later on.


While you are still choosing which cake to buy, you should remember to stick with your budget. Doing so should help narrow down your options and choose the right cake that suits your budget and preferences.

For example, if you are only willing to spend S$150 for a birthday cake delivery in Singapore, you should choose a lower amount so it could still cover up the shipping cost.


No matter what happens, always call the store to confirm what you want to order. Note that not all websites are updated. That means there is a chance the cake you want to order is no longer available.

That is why before you finalise your order and settle the payment online, make sure to call the online cake shop itself.  Here are the things you might want to ask them.

  • Is this (mention the name of the cake that you want to buy) still available?
  • Do they look the same as the picture posted?
  • Can you send a picture before sending the birthday cake for delivery in Singapore?

Where to Buy?

<img src=”” alt=”Where-to-Buy” border=”0″></a>

Finding the perfect online cake shop can be just as challenging as planning to order a birthday or wedding cake online in Singapore. Luckily, you do not have to search for long since Zee & Elle got you covered.

This online cake shop can help anyone celebrate the special moments in their lives. Be it a wedding anniversary cake or cheat day in Singapore, their pastries are always delicious.

If you are interested and want to order a birthday cake online in Singapore, go to their website today! You might be able to get their free delivery if your order tops S$150.