How To Choose Gym Clothes?

Each modality requires a type of clothing. If you are starting physical activity, you should ask colleagues or teachers what to use to help with performance.

However, over time you will realize it is the best way to get dressed when doing a particular exercise. Below we will talk about what to use in certain practices.


For bodybuilding lovers, legging or shorts with a top is the best option. If you prefer, complete the look with a comfortable T-shirt, which does not prevent you from making the necessary movements.

The skirts are also an option for those who want to enjoy the exercise without losing style. Remember to opt for the models that come with a short underneath.

For those who love accessories, the gloves prevent calluses from forming in the hands.


Do you prefer to work out at the cross fit? The clothing options can be similar to those used in bodybuilding.


Yoga is an exercise that calls for light, comfortable clothes that have breathable fabrics. Thus, movement is not limited.


Tight and comfortable clothes that do not get caught in the appliances. As in the gym, high-waisted legging pants with a top are a perfect look for this activity.


The tops offer good support to the breasts at the time of the race, combined with shorts or leggings to prevent the thighs from becoming baked. In the running, it is also essential to choose a suitable shoe. The proper footwear helps prevent joint problems, foot pain, and even spine pain.

Muay Thai

This is a modality that is being much sought after by those who love sports. If you like this practice, choose to use tighter blouses and tops to avoid tangling and wide shorts to allow the necessary leg movements during training.


Spinning is an increasingly common option to be seen in gyms. To ride with ease, the choice of clothing can be similar to the alternatives indicated for running and other aerobic activities.

The trick is to use shorts or compression shorts with gel linings to provide more comfort during exercise. Investing in cycling shoes is also interesting to make your feet firmer.

Pole Dance

The ideal in this practice is to use tight shorts and tops, intending to increase the skin’s adherence to the bar. This grip offers more security to the necessary movements. Knowing more about different fitness fabrics also helps when choosing gym clothes. Some of them have UV protection, which helps those who like to play outdoor sports not to burn.

With appropriate clothes for the exercises, you avoid injuries and feel more motivated to maintain the training routine; after all, you will choose what to wear with pleasure. So, invest in the right clothes for the gym without weighing on your conscience!