How To Organize Your Store’s Clothes


The placement of clothes inside your store is important; it is part of your visual marketing strategy. The visual order is attractive at the time of sale. If your clothes are placed correctly, you will be able to sell more. 

First of all, we recommend that you place your clothes in collections and always combined them. Use the order of these to suggest to your joint customers and indicate which garments stick together. You can exhibit accessories, such as jewelry or bags, next to these sets. This way, you will be able to create another service in your business: complete the look of your clients.

It is also advisable for you to organize your clothes in colors and design. For example, different designs of trousers and shirt design [desain baju kaos which is the term in Indonesia] should be kept separately. Always display seasonal colors and do not make combinations of more than three colors

When placing your clothes, you should not forget that the objective is to facilitate the visibility of them to customers. It will also help you to see your products at a glance. Place the hangers and clothes always in the same direction to help your customers when looking at the clothes.

What Hangers Should You Use

There is a perfect hanger to expose each type of garment. These are the ones you should use for each of them:

For Shirts: You must use thin hangers so that wrinkles do not form.

For Jackets And Jackets: Use thicker and wooden hangers, which are more resistant to the weight of the garments.

For Coats And Jackets: Use coat hangers or outer pieces, which are even thicker than the previous ones. The shoulders deform these garments if they are placed on skinny hangers. 

For Pants: Metal hangers with non-slip plastic reinforcement so that the pants do not slip. Or you can also put them folded on counters, separated by models.

The rest of the garments, such as polo shirts, short sleeve shirts, sweaters, etc. should be folded on shelves or shelves. While the shirts or dresses with suspenders.