Surprising Things About Your First Durian Fruit

Are you one of those who despise this smelly fruit every time you pass by street stalls in the region? Well, it may be unpleasant at first, but you may eventually adore the durian season in Singapore when you get to know more about this creamy treat. But how will you flip the tables and enjoy it like any other tasty treat you find on the streets?

Start by finding an online store that offers durian delivery services. It is best if they can dehusk the fruit and only deliver the meat to your doorsteps. Choose a store that can bring it on the same day you placed your orders to ensure its freshness.

Once you receive your orders, you may explore creating cold drinks such as smoothies, slushies, and shakes with the fruit as the main ingredient. You may also throw them in your ice cream servings and have a cold, creamy treat perfect for Singapore’s hot season. Some experienced chefs also include this creamy treat in local cuisines of the region. That’s another exotic dish for you to try!

Hence, you can try it raw and savour it as it is. Enjoy this seasonal durian fruit for delivery or straight from Singapore street stalls. It is best to eat it fresh as soon as you purchase them. You may also request vendors to dehusk them in front of you and consume them immediately. Finish it off in an instant and don’t forget to order more if you are still craving.

Aside from the exciting ways to consume it, you should also understand more about the fruit. You might discover interesting facts about it that may change your notion towards Singapore’s smelly durian snack. Instead, appreciate it more when you decide to try one for yourself.

Physical Features

Most variants of the fruit are small and oval-shaped. Expect them to grow to a foot or smaller than you may even grasp it with only one hand. Furthermore, they weigh around two to seven pounds that may entice you to carry more on your next fruit stand stop. It may be heavy, but it must not stop you from buying more.

However, never forget about its unique, spiky appearance. Durian variants in Singapore are known for their spikes that set them apart from other fruits in the region. It may be unclear why it has such a thorny look but be cautious when you stand beside its tree. They tend to fall when they are ripe enough for you to eat.

Fun fact: You should not carry them with your bare hands. Its thorns may only pierce through your skin and injure you. Protect yourself from unwanted cuts and wounds by ordering your durians for delivery. Have them delivered right to your doorsteps without the hassle of carrying them from the market.

Sensory Effects

Did you know that there is no distinct smell and taste that describe it? They may say that it is smelly and creamy, but these factors may vary depending on the person who tastes it. You may roam around during the durian season and ask people to describe the fruit based on their senses. They will surely give one description of its physical appearance, but you’ll be amazed by how they differ with its other features.

Some regard its custardy taste with a hint of almond and cream that make its unique flavour. You may also hear about how weird it tastes that it is close to eating an onion sauce, cream cheese, and sherry wine. Nevertheless, durian will always be Singapore’s sought-after snack by locals and tourists.

Fun fact: Experienced fruit-eaters may advise you to drink water from its husk to prevent its smelly odour staying in your mouth. There may be no scientific proof for this claim, but you might get shocked how locals practice it whenever they eat their durian fruit. Hence, there’s no harm in trying, so you may also give it a go.

Unexpected Fame

Aside from these unique features, it is also popular in other regions in Southeast Asia other than Singapore. Durian is known as the king of the fruits due to the challenges you might face when you decide to grow and cultivate them. You must consider the space you need to plant several trees, as well as the soil components to ensure its growth.

More than the spikes that may represent its crown, it has also earned its prestige since you can only avail it on a specific season. You can mostly harvest durians during summertime in the region, and it may cost more if you wish to have them in off months. Hence, you can explore growing them in odd times to earn more as you can sell them at higher prices.

Fun fact: Did you know that the queen of fruits is the mangosteen? Many believe that they complement each other due to their distinct effects on you. Durian is known to bring warmth to your body, while mangosteen gives you a cooling sensation every time to eat them.

Health Benefits

Other than being the king of the fruits, most durian variants in Singapore are also known as superfruits as they are rich in vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for you. These include vitamin C, iron, and potassium that are essential for your health. Expect improvements in your skin, muscles, and heart when you consume what is advised by health experts.

Fun Fact: You must only consume a few servings to prevent any side effect manifesting on your body for eating more than you can take. Dieticians suggest you only eat one small durian that is enough to supply you with your nutritional requirement. Hence, choose to order from Durian Factory Singapore, and you no longer need to worry about overeating on your next fruit craving. Check their website now and avail of their durian delivery services.