What Does Your Favourite Cake Say About Your Personality?

Whenever there is a birthday, there is always a cake with lit candles on it. People around you would not only greet you—a happy birthday but would also sing you a birthday song. Indeed, having this kind of celebration is very heartwarming, even though it only happens once a year. The moment you close your eyes, think of your wish and blow the candles surely gives you a fluttering sensation—a feeling of happiness. No wonders why we always love to buy a cake for our birthday online in Singapore. We would not want to miss this feeling of bliss. 

However, have you ever thought about what your favourite cake says about you? It may be ridiculous as it sounds, but the cake you order online in Singapore has something to say about your personality.  This kind of forecast has nothing to do with your zodiac sign nor horoscope, but with the flavour of cake that you always eat. 

What Does Your FavouriteFlavour of Cake Say About You?

  1. Chocolate

Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. Who would have ever thought that cocoa beans would be the source of the world’s favourite snack to eat? There are many stories you can find online, but who knows what is the truth behind it. Nevertheless, chocolate has been well-known in our childhood days. Most children would ask their parents to buy them some chocolate cake whenever their birthday kicks in. 

However, did you know that those who love chocolate cake up until now are bold, expressive, yet emotional people? Even though they are emotionally vulnerable, they are natural sweethearts. They tend to lend their ears whenever they can.

  1. Truffle

Are you aware that the truffle cake you buy in an online shop is not chocolate? You are probably surprised hearing this, but that flavour is nowhere near chocolate—but close to mushroom. To be more specific, truffles are edible fungi that often grow underground near tree roots. Despite how exotic truffles sound, it does look like a dark chocolate ball. So, if you ever prefer this flavour as your cake, chances are you have a very outgoing personality. You would seem to be like Johnathan from the Bible to David, but in modern times!

  1. Red Velvet

Ordering a red velvet cake online for a birthday party in Singapore is no longer new. Probably, if you were to see this flavour years ago, you might think twice getting this as your birthday cake. Nevertheless, this flavour is for you if you are someone who looks harsh but has a soft heart. You are someone often misunderstood by others, but once they get to know the real you, they would like spending more time with you.

  1. Black Forest

As beautiful as it looks, a black forest cake is something you would eat to relieve your sadness on a gloomy day. The cherries you see on top signifies that there is always a rainbow after heavy rain. It means that you can surpass any challenges as long as you remain committed and always speak the truth. Your truth is something that does not hurt others but cares for them. 

  1. Mango

Live a little, lighten up, and be yourself, these are some of the phrases you probably have said to your friends and family over the years as you are growing up. You see, those who prefer mangoes over other fruit types of cakes are simple-minded individuals. They are the ones who want to stick on things that have been tried and tested by many. Similar to mangoes, they do not mind living on the edge and taking risks, just like you as you work hard living in this tropical paradise. 

  1. Cheesecake

Out of all the flavour mentioned in this article, cheesecake is the most unusual of them all. It says that the Greeks loved to eat this back in 230 A.D., but despite how old this recipe was, it is the most indulging flavour that you would want to pair with your cup of tea or coffee. Its saltiness surely does add drama in your taste buds. So, to those who love cheesecake as your go-to dessert, you are someone that everyone loves to listen to whenever you are telling a story. 

Three Things You Will Discover About Someone Based on How They Eat Cake

  1. Would Order Your Favourite 

Awe, aren’t they the sweetest? If you know someone who would do the same thing, chances are they would want to make you happy. They are the type of person who always keeps an eye out for you. Well, they do this only to make sure you are safe.

  1. Pair It with Ice Cream

These are the people who know how to have a good time. They have a strong personality to try new things that are out of their comfort.  So, if your friend prefers eating their cake this way, you should consider trying it.  You never know you might find it interesting.

  1. Tries Every Flavour

Does your friend love to nibble all types of dessert they can find on your table? If so, they are a FOMO. Someone who fears getting missed out, so they always try everything all the once. So, if you know someone like this, consider buying them some cupcakes or macaroon instead. That way, they can nibble all kinds of flavour.

So, which flavour of cake is yourfavourite to order online as your birthday cake in Singapore? If you have something in mind, do not hesitate to answer. Why don’t you share with us your thoughts by writing it in the comment section below!

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