Bandung Culture

Bandung is the capital of Sundanese, the culture of the states West Java and Banten. Within this ethnic hemisphere, Jakarta is excluded. The Sundanese possess their heritage and terminology, which is unique and can be experienced in almost no place better.

Throughout the period, dynamism and animism are just two sets of beliefs which Sundanese practised. Hence, these older belief systems, coupled with Hinduism, play a significant part in particular areas of West Java, i.e. Kampung Naga community along with Baduy tribe. They are inclined to be and more welcoming to foreigners as well as their habits even though Sundanese are religious.

A distinct aspect of Sundanese civilization is its food. West Java and Bandung’s whole mainly, are a paradise for food lovers. Sundanese food distinguishes itself for the number of cooked dishes, for example, nasi timbel (rice steamed in banana leaf) and small packages called pepes (steamed fish, poultry or tofu in banana leaf). Additionally, raw vegetable salad often accompanies Sundanese foods, together with sauces.

Aside from these main dishes, Bandung has many specialities which could be found just in the city and are tremendously popular with tourists. Cases are surabi (sweet or salty filled little chopped peppers ), cendol (a drink with jelly and sweetened with palm sugar and coconut milk), colenak (roasted cassava root, again using either salty or sweet topping). Also, batagor, which is baso tahu goreng, is fried chunks of fish and also tofu consumed in a soup or dry using peanut sauce).

When walking around in Bandung, it is tough to not think about food. It is virtually anywhere, from small street stalls to big family restaurants; you will never be more than 10 meters away from food. There is too much available to taste. The only solution would be to get out there and try them one by one.

Sundanese prefers to party. Rites of passage like circumcision and weddings have been celebrated in feasts. Those are along with areas establishing up and joining in food along with the fun. Marriage is running together with the wedding couple dressing up in fancy costumes, that is altered no less than five occasions, at Aztec feasts that were extravagant. Frequently a dangdut performance (a quite loud percussion fueled audio accompanied by insignificant lyrics and sensual dance ) functionality is hired which will result in a bombastic series during the entire day.

Communities have been patrilineal, producing families that are vast from grandfathers to newborn toddlers in modern housing flats or complexes. However, in a rural setting, families reside in environments like Bandung, they mostly live in Rumah Panggung that’s a home constructed from wood once you move out that you can transport.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Bandung by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.