Brief Story of Bandung

Who doesn’t know Bandung! Bandung is 180 kilometers southeast from Jakarta. The pace of city life is much slower compared to Jakarta’s, even though it has a population of more than two million. Today Bandung includes a population of 2 million individuals and estimated to reach 4 million. Bandung is located on a plateau 768 meters above sea level. Bandung is Java’s most European city. The season starts in Bandung. In ancient times, Bandung was known as Paris van Java (Dutch) or”Paris of Java.” Bandung causes this perception by being the center of fashion in Java, and its place is in the highlands. It leads to Bandung to be popularly known as a place. This makes Bandung famous among the tourist destination city. Want to experience Bandung in the best way? Then here is some highlight on what you need to do when coming to Bandung.


Seeing Bandung will be incomplete if you have not been around in Bandung’s street that’s comfortable and beautiful, such as Asia Afrika, Braga, Cihampelas, and many more. You’ll be able to go around Bandung town together using BANDROS (Bandung Tour on Bus). Even though it is admitted that the consequences of global warming are already heating the town of Bandung, that usually cool and foggy daily, and the onslaught of modernization and evolution has altered the previous buildings of Bandoeng Tempo Doeloe, Bandung’s charm still can be felt nonetheless. With its specific times of Bandung’s coolness, an excellent place to eat, and the distinctive old city corners can nevertheless be enjoyed by people and lovers of this city of Bandung.


When talking about culinary at Bandung, the options are endless. Ranging from cheap luxurious restaurant food stalls to some comfortable roadside stalls can be located in Bandung. From the high price for a luxury dinner or a price that is perfect for hanging out with friends or family while filling your stomach. It is a complete package in Bandung. Bandung particular foods such as Batagor, cakes, and meatballs of flavors and forms remain popular as memorabilia from the city of Bandung.


Suppose you hear the term Fashion, Bandung is the place for it. Beginning from the surface of the head to toe, have a fashion tailored to the requirements of the consumer. On Riau street, you can discover a variety of clothing models since here’s the center of fashion in Bandung. You can go into Cascade Fashion House or Heritage The Factory Outlet. There, you can find whatever you are seeking for your fashion needs. Not only Riau street, but you can also indulge your fashion need in other places in Bandung like Cihampelas, Cibaduyut, and several more.

Natural tourism

Bandung has significance into the surrounding regions. Bandung is surrounded by hills then for the North Bandung Tourism Area, using its actions centre in KawahGunungTangkubanperahu, Juanda Forest Park (Dago Pakar), Maribaya, Lembang, along with Flower Garden of Cihideung – Parongpong. Southern Bandung is better known as a center of both all agro tourism activities (agriculture and tea plantations in Rancabali, Ciwidey, Malabar, Pangalengan and Gununghalu), Tirta Tourism (Situ Patenggang and Situ Cileunca) and WanaWisata (Kamojang Crater,” White Crater and Cimanggu hot water).

Tours of historic buildings

There are many places such as heritage buildings of southern Dutch, around Bandung city center or Bandung Heritage, for example, a building that is independent construction, Savoy Homan, and many others.

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