The new violet glass apothecary jars tendency for home decoration

Decorating your home is fun and helps define your space according to your personal taste. You feel comfortable in a home you have decorated. A trend that surprises everyone is the use of violet glass apothecary jars in decorating the different spaces of your home. Thanks to its many advantages it is common to see them being recommended in decorating magazines. Not only does it offer a retro, classic and sophisticated touch, but it also provides benefits that you may not have known about until today. These apothecary jars are made of a material called violet glass or miron glass. It is known that sunlight can give energy but also accelerates the decomposition process of many substances. Violet glass filters out the rays that cause this decomposition. In this way only UV, violet and infrared rays pass through the glass.

Useful in every corner of your home

You can use violet glass apothecary jars to store your favorite bath salt, the oil you use for your relaxation sessions in the bathtub or the spice-based shampoo you love. These products are particularly delicate when they come into contact with sunlight, so violet glass will help keep their scents and textures in good shape. If you are a lover of good food I assure you that your kitchen is full of spices and ingredients of various kinds. To keep their flavor, aroma, color and texture, it is essential to use the right container. It has been proven that violet glass not only protects but also enhances the molecular structure of these products. The energy of sunlight is transmitted to the food inside. Always fresh as the first day.

Add to that a lifetime of health

Nowadays more and more people are opting for organic products. It has been proven the many health benefits of avoiding food containing preservatives. To achieve this you need two things: an organic food and an appropriate container to keep it fresh. Organic products such as tea leaves, cherry tomatoes and oat flakes stay fresh longer in containers made of violet glass. Remember that sunlight causes most organic produce to deteriorate faster. In addition, violet light has been shown to help energize the molecular structure of organic products. This is what keeps them fresh over the course of days. Fill your home with color and wellness with the benefits of violet glass or miron glass.