Cake Delivery: Things to Consider When Ordering One Online

Buying the things we love and want online is nothing new. More so when getting a cake delivery in Singapore. However, this mere phrase alone sounds so delightful. Just imagine getting a birthday cake via delivery in Singapore for someone you loved. It seems nothing, but it is the sweetest way to show how much they mean to you. However, ordering a cake online can be worrisome. You see, not only there are a few factors to tick off, but you also have to take consideration of those before you can place your order. Thus, to help you out, this article will address everything you need to consider when you buy a cake online.

6 Things You Need to Consider When Looking for Patisserie

1. Look a Cake Delivery Around Your Area

    • Whatever the occasion may be, you should always consider the place where you will be ordering the cake delivery in Singapore. That way, you can determine if the distance is safe enough to receive the cake in good condition. Thus, search for a cake bakery where you will be celebrating. However, if you have a patisserie in mind, use a Google Map to find out how far it is from your place and when your order will arrive. 

2. Read Customer Reviews

    • Just like buying any item online, reading customer reviews allows you to find out what you can expect. In a cake perspective, you would know how moist, soft, and consistent the flavour are. Reading those would help you to make the right decision whether you should order a cake from them online in Singapore or not. Thus, you must read it thoroughly and understand their explanation about their experience. 

3. Determine How Many Varieties They Have

    • Since you will be buying a cake online, you better not choose the same flavour you always buy in person. You see, this is the most common mistake people make when they buy a cake online. They always thought it would be worth it that way. However, they are not exactly right since they are not allowing themselves to try something different. Thus, consider buying a new flavour you have not tried. That way, you can expand your favourite and palate. 

4. Consider What Their Allergy Exemption

    • You should not forget about this thing, especially if you have an allergy or your recipient has one. You see, an allergic reaction can be life-threatening, depending on how many allergens the person has eaten or exposed. Thus, to not let such a thing happen, better ask what ingredients they use to make a cake or what ingredients they will be using to bake your order.

5. Check How Reasonable Their Price

    • No matter how convenient ordering cake delivery in Singapore, no one wants to pay an unreasonable price. Thus, before you order a cake online, better compare the prices with other bakeries. That way, you will grasp how much the average price per cake is. It will help you determine what you are paying for is worth it or not. Consider comparing prices with at least three bakeries. 

6. See Their Best Selling Options

    • Just in case this will be your first time buying a cake online, it would be better to check the best selling options. That way, you would know that the cake you are buying would taste delicious. However, once you found which best selling cake you would like to buy, consider reading its customer reviews. 

4 Things You Should Not Forget When You Order a Cake Online

1. Take Your Time to Choose Which Cake to Buy

 Once you have found which bakery you would like to order a birthday cake delivery in Singapore, you should take your time choosing. That way, you can rely on how much sweetness, the colour of icing, fondant, flavour your cake would have. 

2. Place Your Order Days Before the Celebration

If you want your cake or other desserts to be more delicious, you should order it at least a week before the celebration. That way, the patissier would have enough time to prepare your request, and they might as well give time delivering it directly to you in person. 

However, if this is for something big like weddings, it would be better to order it at least three to four months before. That way, they can think about what kind of cake would make your event more memorable.

3. Gain Advantage of Discounts and Offers

  • Most patisserie provides 10% off on first orders, and another when they are on sale. Thus, if you have not availed any of those yet, consider taking advantage of it. That way, you can save lots of money and use the spare cash for your next order. 

4. Know Their Delivery Method

  • The last thing you should not forget is this. You see, some patisseries deliver cake themselves to their clients, while others use a third-party courier service like Grab or Uber. Thus, you better know which one they use. Also, do they provide a same-day delivery service like a flower shop? Knowing all of this would help you ease your mind.

2 Things to Take Note When Buy a Custom Cake Online

1. Describe Your Order in Details

  • Giving many details about your order would allow you to receive the same cake when the delivery knocks on your door in Singapore. However, consider describing it as detailed as possible. To do that, attach some visuals of the cake you would like and point out what changes you would like to change. 

2. Never a Miracle Overnight

  • Just like most things, the process of baking a cake takes a lot of time and effort. More so if you ordered a custom one. Thus, make sure to provide more time and never rush time. Otherwise, you will get disappointed when you receive your order. Usually, for a small size custom make, it would take at least three days, including the preparation. 

Above anything else, always keep active communication when you order cake delivery in Singapore. That way, you would know when the cake will arrive at your place. Thus, if ever still looking for a cake bakery online, try Bellton Patisserie. They always have perfect desserts for all kinds of celebrations!